Paul Menck

Sales Executive / Auctioneer

Paul Menck is a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer.  In this role Paul successful transacted over $250 million in property sales last year alone.  Being a true Willoughby local, Paul couldn’t be more passionate about his role selling premier houses and apartments in Willoughby and the surrounding suburbs.

Paul’s passion for property began in 2001, when he purchased and renovated his first semi on High Street. He went on to sell that, and many other properties in the area. His experience as a property buyer and seller inspired him to become one of the most honest, friendly and supportive agents on the North Shore. He manages the homes he sells with integrity and passion, treating each sale like it is his own. He understands the stresses selling a family home can create, and thoughtfully supports his clients through each step of the process. Paul has a wealth of experience in preparing homes for sale and enjoys sharing his knowledge with clients to ensure their home reaches its full potential.

In his role as auctioneer, Paul has the chance to ensure that the final sale day goes perfectly for the owner, each and every time. His auctioneering skills come from a successful career as a radio announcer, for Nova 96.9 and Star 104.5. He has a friendly approach to auctions- making sure that buyers are motivated to pay the best possible price for their future home. When Paul is not working hard to achieve great sales for his clients, you can find him having a coffee on High St or at Willoughby Park kicking a soccer ball to one of his three children.